i suggest bobcares is costly in my point of view Webhostrepo is good, i have used them once and found them. google for link

WHR is better than Bobcares

I'm emailing you to thank you for your continued loyalty to XXX and everything you've done thus far to get XXX to where it is today. Wish you luck and happiness in the new year.

Thank you for your continued loyalty


I just wanted to leave a review about this great company. I highly recommend WebHostRepo for any management or support need.
We have worked with them for quite some time and we can easily say that WebHostRepo is amongst the best. They deliver quality.

They are professional, qualified and friendly. They are always available when you need them and are ready to accomodate.

We requested a custom solutions tailored to our needs, and they provided us with more then we excepted. They have always provided us with top-quality service.

We simply wanted to share our own experience with this great team.

Once again, I highly recommend WebHostRepo.

They are professional, qualified and friendly

We have been a client of webhostingrepo.com for quite a while now. I dont normally do reviews but I think these guys deserve it, maybe I am just overly excited I finally found a company that has competent staff.

I have used MANY outsourced companies in the past and they have all be sub-par, with techs that you can barely consider a level 1 tech when they claim to be level 3.

With WebHostRepo the techs actually speak fluent English and they actually know what they are doing on our systems and client systems. We have yet to run into an issue where they dont know how to fix something, with our old techs that would be a daily occurrence. Needless to say, as long as the service stays this way we will be with them for quite some time.

I dont normally do reviews but I think these guys

Its been a little over a year now I think with webhostrepo.com, I made a previous review of them about 5 months ago which can been seen here:


These guys are great, and that really doesn't even sum it up. We have literally been through atleast 8-12 different outsourced support companies and these guys are by far the best. The biggest issues we had with previous companies was experience the techs had, and organization. Techs would forget to tell other techs things and make a real mess of tickets.

That is not at all the case with WHR. I can say something to 1 tech and they communicate as a team. When I ask for things to be done, I dont need to ask twice, it gets done! I have rated them on all aspects:

Response Times: 10/10 (15 minutes usually)

Resolution Times: 9/10 (15 minutes - 3 hours)

Experience Level: 9/10 (Very very rare they are unable to fix something)

Friendliness: 10/10

English Skills: 8/10 (Once in a while they will make a mistake, but who doesn't..)

Communication: 9/10

Price: 8/10 (We pay $750 for a semi-dedicated team, great deal)

Overall, these guys are just great. That's all there really is to it. We will continue to be with them as long as this service stays the same

These guys are great

We have been working with WHR for half year now. We have a lot of experience working with other outsourcing companies.

I'm very happy with them because they are quite responsible and really take care of what they do. We faced an important problem with a server migration and they were there helping us all the time for long time. We don't think there's much people doing that.

They will do anything they can to make customers feel happy, and they are very honest.

They also are an affordable company and techs work hard. Also they have a good english, much better than mine

I will keep working with webhostrepo for long time, good job guys !

I'm very happy with them

Well, We have been with guys for around half a day and are highly impressed!

Highly impressed!

Hey all

This is just a review of WebHostRepo, which is a tech support team for VPS/Dedi servers. I was having simple but disastrous problem with my mail servers being blocked by hotmail, and my users weren't getting important emails. I needed a fix asap and fortunately WHR was able to do it, as soon as I contacted them too! Simply gave them the logins, they went to work, and within a few minutes told me to send a test email to a hotmail account and everything worked just as required!

I recommend them for noobs like me who understand websites but not server administration!


Thank you

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I recommend them

We have done some contracting with WebHostRepo, they have been excellent to deal with and whatever the issue is, they are on it in minutes. I would suggest that you check them out, to my knowledge they are quite competitive (pricing-wise) to what other companies are offering.


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They have been excellent to deal with

We would like to take the opportunity and thank Web Host Repo for being such a phenomenal company to work with. We have contracted with their company to assist with server deployments, a bit of client tasks, and audits for our company due to recent spikes in orders, which has slowed our in-house teams a tad, but thanks to these guys we are continuing what we do best!

As we have worked with numerous outsourcing companies, these guys hands down have been the absolute best. From responses, to actually tasking and completing projects. Typically and our experience only, we have seen them respond to most of our tickets within 5 minutes of being submitted, 20 minutes maximum. As for completing tasks, they are great at keeping us, along with that our clients up-to-date. Most tasks are solved minutes after the ticket comes in, but for those more complex issues (including installs), typically we see it being an hour or so, which in our eyes is very acceptable with the amount of work-load we ask of them to do for us.

Pricing, in our eyes it is extremely fair for what they offer. Ticket responses are in English with proper grammar and spelling, which is a non-negotiable for us.My suggestion, give them a try as we did. Thus far, in two months and over a hundred tasks we have not had one single complaint.

Such a phenomenal company to work with

These guys do excellent work. Highly recommended.

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These guys do excellent work

We are now back up and running, thanks to the help from the folks at WebHostRepo.com

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We are now back up and running